It started with ‘What if…’

In 2012, at 9pm on the eve of Thanksgiving, two friends, one, a builder of the Swampwalk, the other an avid fan and user of the Swampwalk, were on facebook chatting and had a simple ‘What if’ moment.

‘What if Santa came to the Swampwalk…’

‘And we took pictures…’

‘And raised some money for a good cause…’

And it really was as simple as that.

We had 2 days, one of which was a major holiday, to make it happen.  And we did it.

Somehow, we had gotten Santa (not easy to do on such short notice), Policemen to monitor route 97, local vendors to donate treats, and HUNDREDS of people to come via social media channels.  In just 2 hours we raised nearly $1000, which we spent at local toy store the Green Elephant, then dropped our donations off to the fire station in Danvers.  It is amazing what you can do when you simply just DO a thing.

And so, we are thrilled to be entering our 4th annual SANTA AT THE SWAMPWALK fundraiser.  We thank you all for venturing out into the cold to experience the beauty of the Danvers-Wenham Swampwalk instead of the warmth of the mall for your annual photo with Santa.  It’s especially nice to know the money is going to local children who need our help to bring some holiday cheer!  We hope this will be a tradition we can enjoy for years to come!

See you at the Swampwalk! Be sure to dress warmly!!

The founding organizers: David West, John Dick, Stacy West, Lauren Poussard.

About the Swampwalk.

The Swampwalk Project was spearheaded by local resident and Board member of the Danvers Historical Society George Saluto and was build over the course of a few years by local volunteers, which included David and Stacey West.  You can read more about the beautiful Swampwalk and how it came to be at